Nevada County PAWS

Placement Assistance Watch & Support – Helping Our Community Re-Home Their Pets

Adoption Application

PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS: Name, address and phone number. Are you 18 years or older? Note: If you rent your home, please provide your landlords contact information.:


Do you live in a house, apartment, mobile home, condo, other? Do you rent or own? Do you have a fenced in yard? Do you have a pool? Please tell us more about the outside area of your home:

Are there other people living in your home. Are any of these people five years of age or younger? Are there other pets living in your home? What type of pet, age and gender? Are they current on vaccinations, spayed or neutered?

If behavioral or health issues arise, are you willing to seek assistance for your pet with a trainer and/or vet?

Where will your pet spend the day and how many hours a day will they be alone? How many hours a day will your pet spend outside? What type of exercise/socialization do you have planned for you pet? Where will your pet’s sleeping area be?

If something should happen to you, or, if you were not able to take care of your pet, what would happen to them?

Have you had pets in the past? If yes, what happened to them?

s there a particular pet (or pets) that you are interested in? Is there any other information that you would like to share with us?

NOTE: Please contact the person listed in the animals post if you have additional questions. Thank you.


One response to “Adoption Application

  1. Kathrine and Rick Montano July 2, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    Hope to hear from you soon😎

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